New Mexican Breakfast Burrito

New Mexican Breakfast Burrito


  • 1 Burrito Size Four Tortilla

  • Red or Green Chile

  • 1-3 Eggs

  • Bacon, Ham or Sausage

  • Cheddar or Peperjack Cheese 

  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract

  • Potatoes of some kind Hashbrowns, tots, wedges (optional)


The very first burrito was made in Santa Fe, NM. There are many variations and styles but our recipe stays true to the foundational ingredients. This simple burrito recipe is easy, quick and delicious. If you're taking it to go, remember to wrap it up in a Seraparito so it stays nice and warm.


Get yourself two pans and place them on medium high heat. Use one pan to cook up your meat(s) of choice, Bacon, ham, sausafge, etc. and use the other pan to scramble 1-3 eggs (depends how beefy you want the burrito to be). When eggs are nearly done, sprinkle on some cheese. The more the better if you ask us.

Next, chop up your meat and add it to your egg and cheese pan. Mix it all up and put it on low heat. Add your potatoes to the meat pan. Cook 'em up real nice and then transfer the good over into the other pan and mix.

Move the jumble of goodness from the pan into your tortilla. Now add the final ingredient, the chile! Generously pour red or green chile over the mixture.

Fold and roll the tortilla to form a burrito and you're done. Serve on a plate smothered in chile and cheese or wrap it up in foil and a Seraparito to take it to-go.

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